RGBKB VIA Firmwares

Test firmwares for RGBKB Keyboards for use with Via Firmware Configurator

Due to changes to the RGBKB VENDOR_ID (from FEED to 3535), all RGBKB
Via boards must be reflashed to use the current layout json files.
All files currently linked are updated

Drop your exported layout.json here to update it to the new Vendor ID

  1. Download the firmware and via JSON file for your keyboard
  2. Flash your keyboard with the downloaded hex file,
    you can use the QMK Toolbox for this if you dont know how
  3. Download Via Configurator HERE!
  4. Enable Via's Design tab in the Via settings
  5. In the design tab, load the draft JSON file you downloaded
  6. Hopefully the keyboard should now be available in the Configure tab of Via

Play around, customize your keymap, control your RGB matrix lighting effects

Ping @kageurufu#9003 in the RGB discord, preferrably in the #firmware channel with feedback!

Huge thanks to
@Legonut -
QMK Firmware -
@Wilba and @Olivia - Via Configurator

All source for this is available at and